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Wray Dansereau

Wray Dansereau


Wray Dansereau has a degree in Religious Studies and an astrology certificate from Faculty of Astrological Studies.


Astrologically, Wray has Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries and Cancer rising!  She has been working with astrology and tarot for over twenty years and has a very busy Youtube Channel under the name Tarot Living with over 100 instructional videos on tarot. Additionally, you can find Wray on her  Facebook page under Tarot Living.

Wray  is an intuitive reader  who has worked with clients and taught tarot on a regular basis for a number of years. She has a special interest in the connection between tarot and astrology. Due to health related complications, Wray has retired from professional tarot and astrology work. However, she continues to enjoy tarot as a hobby.


Tarot Card Reading

Tarot readings can focus on Spiritual Growth and Development, Relationships or Career. Wray can also use a variety of spreads to review upcoming trends in the year ahead. She specializes in connecting tarot to astrological information applicable to the client.


Astrology Reading

Wray offers birth chart readings (full or partial) and offers forecasting readings for the year ahead by reviewing transits and secondary progressions.



Chakra Reading

Through tarot, Wray can review your Seven Chakras - the energy you brought into this life and your current state of each chakra. The Seven Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows.



Wray also provides guidance with regard to use of crystals and stones for tarot reading, meditation and to balance/enhance your chakras.

Akashic Record Reading

For established clients, Wray can provide in-depth Akashic Record Readings that focus on your Life Plan, Soul contracts and Past lives.




What Wray's clients have shared about their readings:
"Thank you so much for the reading!  I listened to both of the recordings and cannot express how much you were spot on!!  This is the best reading I have ever had!"  
"Wray, I would like to thank you so much for my tarot/astrology reading. The reading was so accurate to my personality and situation.  If anyone has been thinking about getting a reading, I would highly recommend Wray to do it for you as you will not be disappointed.  Again, thank you so much Wray. I appreciate it so much."  Lori Edwards
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