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Tarot, Astrology &

Other Intuitive Readings 

Wray is currently not offering readings due to health related reasons

Tarot Only Readings
Tarot Only Readings

See info below for description of all types of readings.  All readings  are recorded and an audio link is sent by email after the reading. Typical appointments are  approx 60-90 min in length. 

Tarot & Astrology Reading Combined
Chakra & Akashic Record Readings
Akashic Record & Chakra Readings

**Please note: Wray is currently not booking readings due to health reasons**

Tarot & Astrology Readings (combined) 

Tarot and Astrology Option 1 

*Great Value*

Basic astrology birth chart  info (Sun,Moon, Rising sign) and two main Tarot  questions with 7-8 card spreads for each question Plus a 3rd question of 2-3 cards or yes/no spread added. Local reading only.

$140   CAD

Tarot and Astrology Option 2


Tarot and Astrology

Option 3

(In-depth astrology & tarot)

Basic astrology birth chart  info (Sun,Moon, Rising sign) and analysis of astrological trends for upcoming year (transits). PLUS two main Tarot Card Readings (7-8 card spread each). Local reading only.

$175   CAD

$160.00 (repeat client)

In-depth Astrology reading  reviewing personal characteristics with transits (trends for upcoming year) PLUS two main Tarot Card Readings  as well (7-8 card spread each). Local reading only.


$250 CAD

Astrology Reading (no Tarot)

Astrology Reading  only (no tarot) including full review of astrology chart with regard to personality characteristics and a review of trends (transits) for upcoming year. Local reading only.

$180 CAD

DETAILED Yearly Tarot & Astrology Review Reading

 Includes a review of   astrological transits/progressions AND a 12 card tarot reading.  This is a more comprehensive version of the yearly review reading that also incorporates astrology.  If you would like a comprehensive review of the upcoming year, this is the reading for you!! Approx length of recording is 60 min.  Local reading only.

$95 CAD

Tarot ONLY Readings 

**Please note: Wray only does readings locally.  Please contact Wray before paying for any readings

Tarot Only Option 1

Tarot Reading only (without astrology).  This would include two main questions/spreads (7-8 cards each)  PLUS a 2-3 card spread for a 3rd question or a Yes/No spread.

Total questions = 3.

Total apt time = 60-75 min  Local reading only

$115 CAD

Tarot Only Option 2

Tarot Reading only (without astrology).  This would include two main questions/spreads (7-8 cards each)  PLUS 12 card Yearly Review spread to look at several areas of life in the coming 12 months.

Total readings/spreads = 3.  Total apt time = 75 -90 min. Local reading only

$140 CAD

Tarot Only with 12 Card Yearly Review

Yearly tarot card review reading! Great to have a glimpse of trends in the upcoming year. This is not an in-person reading - recording sent via email.  Approx length of recording is 35-45 min. Can be done long-distance. Please email Wray before paying.

$60  CAD  

Tarot - single Question/Spread

Tarot reading regarding one question about particular topic.  Recording sent via email. This reading can also be done long-distance.  Can be done long-distance. Please email Wray before paying.

$35 CAD 

Other types of Readings 

These readings are only for existing clients. Please email before paying

Akashic Record Reading

Chakra Reading

Upstairs to the magic book land.jpg

Akashic Record Reading (for established clients) that focuses on aspects of your Life Plan, Soul Contracts, and/or Past Lives. Local reading only. Please contact Wray before purchasing.

$110 CAD

This is a 14 card reading based on the 7 main chakras. Wray will look at 7 cards of the energy pattern you brought in with you of each chakra and 7 cards for your current energy pattern of each chakra. Local reading only. Please contact Wray before purchasing.

$110 CAD

Silhouette  of a man in lotus meditation

Type of Services

Wray has extensive experience and knowledge in the following disciplines. 

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot readings can focus on Spiritual Growth and Development, Relationships or Career. Wray can also use a variety of spreads to review upcoming trends in the year ahead. She specializes in connecting tarot to astrological information applicable to the client.


Astrology Reading

Wray offers birth chart readings (full or partial) and offers forecasting readings for the year ahead by reviewing transits and secondary progressions.



Chakra Reading

Through tarot, Wray can review your Seven Chakras - the energy you brought into this life and your current state of each chakra. The Seven Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows.



Wray also provides guidance with regard to use of crystals and stones for tarot reading, meditation and to balance/enhance your chakras.

Akashic Record Reading

For established clients, Wray can provide in-depth Akashic Record Readings that focus on your Life Plan, Soul contracts and Past lives.




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