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 Wray Dansereau is currently oil painting a

vibrant tarot deck

Rubicon Tarot Deck


Several initial tarot cards have now been released! 

Ace of Cups NEW FACEBOOK 6.jpg
THree of Swords FINAL 447.jpg
Two of Wands website ready.jpg
Five of Cups FB ready 5.jpg

This is the 79th card in the deck - Energy Worker. Major Arcana number 22 and it will likely be the card back as well! 

The Rubicon Tarot™ is a 78 card tarot deck  (still in progress) that Wray Dansereau has been designing and oil painting over the last four years.  Wray has created this deck to more comprehensively connect tarot with the astrological attributions, through the use of a specialized colour palette.  Wray will also be completing and releasing a book in the future called Tarot & Astrology:  The Journey of the Rubicon Tarot that will introduce the reader to a unique way of reading tarot combined with astrology.  
The Rubicon Tarot is a vibrantly coloured deck that will allow readers of all levels to more easily read tarot with the use of patterns that relate to the suits, elements and to the astrological attributions of the cards.  If you aren't currently familiar with the astrological symbolism in tarot, you will enjoy the simplicity of the Rubicon Tarot, which can be used like any other Rider-Waite-Smith style deck.
The Rubicon Tarot will be designed with easy-to-read font for all card titles, along with astrological glyphs for the corresponding planets and signs.  Additionally, there is a hidden message through the use of symbolism in every card that broadens the meaning of the Rubicon Tarot cards.  The unique qualities of this deck, however, will not compromise Wray's commitment to traditional tarot card meanings and symbolism that are so well known from the Rider-Waite-Smith style decks.  This deck will be as unique as it is familiar!  
The Rubicon Tarot will expand the tarot card reader's ability to see patterns quickly in spreads, regardless of whether you are familiar with astrology or not!
Wray will be releasing several cards on-line in Jan 2019 to debut the deck. 
Oct 2018 update
Wray has now created the card back and the image that will be displayed on the Rubicon Tarot bag.  Check out the painting above that depicts an image of two spirits and energy surrounding them. 
Jan 2019 update
 *Anticipated release of the Eight of Wands, Four of Cups, the Three of Swords and a unique card called Energy Worker on-line in Jan 2019!  Check back throughout 2019 to see the progress of the Rubicon Tarot™.
June 2019 update
Wray has now released several cards from the Rubicon Tarot deck!   Check out the images above and join Wray on Facebook and Instagram for further card releases!  
Love & Light
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