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Suit of Cups

The tarot card meanings on this website are based on the fundamental building blocks of tarot:

  • Elements

  • Numbers

  • Astrological Attributions

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All tarot information below was written by Wray Dansereau for Tarot Living. All rights are reserved.  The information cannot be copied in part or whole without expressed permission. 

Tarot images below are from The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, in public domain, written by Arthur Waite and images painted by Pamela Colman Smith.  

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Ace of Cups

Element: Water

Polarity: Receptive

No planetary or astrological sign attributions

Golden Dawn: Root of the powers of Water

Tree of Life:  Kether

currently being updated....please check back!  

Two of Cups.png

Two of Cups

Planet: Venus

Astrological sign: Cancer

Sign Modality & Element: Cardinal Water 

Sign Polarity: Receptive/feminine

First Decan: Cancer 0-10˚

Decan Timing: June 22 – July 1

Tree of Life: Chokmah

With the Two of Cups tarot card, the watery sign of Cancer meets the soft and feminine planet of Venus.  The sign of Cancer is a cardinal sign that directs energy and focus toward family, home, nurturing, empathy and tends to be sensitive toward others and their environment.  Emotional safety and overall security allow for the true nature of Cancer to emerge.  Similarly, the planet Venus is geared toward relationships, connection, union and exploring personal values, desires and creativity.  Hence, this is a very emotional, creative and relationship-driven combination! 


The two people in this card clearly have created a connection and are focused on one another. This card can suggest a romantic relationship between two people, as well as, other types of positive partnerships.  If the Two of Cups comes up in a reading, it can suggest a harmonious and beneficial relationship is developing or one is moving toward a serious commitment or engagement.  This card can also relate to other types of close connections between two people such as a deep friendship or sharing creative interests. There is likely positive communication between the parties.  In fact, overall, this combination of planet and sign is very harmonious, creative and artistic!  


The Two of Cups can also suggest a business partnership, given the Caduseus symbol on the right upper corner of the card (which is associated with the God Mercury/Hermes). As such, you sometimes see the Two of Cups card come up in a reading, relating to some type of negotiation, business exchange or trade/merchant type of transaction.  The number two in this card, relates to harmony, balance, connection with another and the duality created with being in a partnership.  @Wray Dansereau/Tarot Living

Three of Cups.png

Three of Cups

Planet: Mercury

Astrological sign: Cancer

Sign Modality & Element: Cardinal Water 

Sign Polarity: Receptive/feminine

Second Decan: Cancer 10-20˚

Decan Timing: July 2-11

Tree of Life: Binah

In the Three of Cups, the watery sign of Cancer meets the logical, communicative planet of Mercury.  As noted above, the sign of Cancer tends to focus on loved ones, home, family, and security.   The planet Mercury, on the other hand, is often focused on communication, thinking, information, exchange of ideas, news and intellectual pursuits. 


This card depicts enjoyment and celebration with others, as shown by the celebratory dancing women.  This is a time for coming together with family, friends or colleagues to share ideas, laughter, or some type of achievement.   Imagine a group of people having a coffee, talking, exchanging thoughts, feelings or even gossiping!  Or, family members gathering to celebrate a birthday, a marriage, birth of a baby, Thanksgiving or some other celebratory day. This card brings forth the enjoyment of friendships and/or community and tends to be a very sociable card that would likely be infused with lively conversation.  Additionally, this is a very creative card.  So, imagine connecting with others through creative pursuits and projects or writing a book, for example, particularly about subjects related to the sign of Cancer. 


The Three of Cups takes us a step beyond the one-on-one connection we see in the Two of Cups. The number three suggests a connection (or networking) with more than one person. Threes are the first level of completion or manifestation seen in the minor suit cards.  The Three of Cups is a time where the harvest from your efforts is enjoyed, as depicted by the plentiful food in the card. We can see the influence of the connection to Binah on the Tree of Life (3rd sephiroth) who gives form to creative energy through manifestation.  It also connects to the earthy planet of Saturn. Overall, the card is filled with symbolism of harvest and enjoyment which connects to the Empress card (number 3 Major Arcana) .  @Wray Dansereau/Tarot Living

Four of Cups.png

Four of Cups

Planet: Moon

Astrological sign: Cancer

Sign Modality & Element: Cardinal Water 

Sign Polarity: Receptive/feminine

Third Decan: Cancer 20-30˚

Decan Timing: July 12-21

Tree of Life: Chesed

The astrological attribution of the Four of Cups tarot card, is the water sign of Cancer paired with the feminine Moon – the natural ruler of Cancer.   As such, there is double water energy influencing this card!   The Cancerian traits that relate to this card include a focus on the internal world of emotions, sense of security, home and family. The Moon represents similar concepts including feelings, habitual responses to people or situations, home, family, and roots.


The result of this combination is a very internalized, emotional experience. The individual seen in the card is not paying attention to the external world. Rather, his focus is on inner thoughts, feelings and desires.  If we become too myopic or self-absorbed, the result can be stagnancy of emotions and lack of movement in a situation that may be not fulfilling. In this tarot card, there is a sense that the person is not satisfied with what is contained in the three upright cups on the grass. He isn’t showing any sense of joy or happiness from the depiction of this card.  Overall, if this card comes up in a reading, it can suggest a sense of apathy, dissatisfaction, discontentment, boredom or depression.  It can also suggest withdrawal from the eternal world or not engaging with others socially.  This can be seen in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling, yet, the person chooses to stay in the relationship anyway. Or, a job that is unsatisfactory but he remains with the status quo due to a lack of vision and motivation to make a change. Sometimes, this card suggests security is being chosen over passion. 


You will notice that the person in this card isn’t even noticing the 4th cup that is being presented in front of him, yet, it is available for him to take and experience.  Sometimes it’s hard to move out of a certain emotional space or mind-set.  The high level of receptive, feminine/water energy in this card, paired with the number four which represents stability, structure and security, produces a scenario in which change is difficult to manifest. 


Yet, the call to action of this card is to recognize new opportunities and re-engage with others, as well as, embracing passions and desires. In doing so, growth and expansion and change can occur.  Fours in tarot relate to Chesed the 4th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, which means mercy and kindness. It corresponds to Jupiter, therefore, concepts of expansion and growth are connected to the tarot fours.  As such, this card is a wake-up call to connect with new opportunities, which can bring about change, growth and a greater sense of personal power.

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